StellaSo 發表於 2013-01-04

I really like this talk show. It has about 4-5 stories and all of them are interesting and touching. It is exactly how young people think and do nowaday. It is very similar to the real world. And the last stories are quite funny. The actors are professional. I support them!

The show is way better than what i expected. The place of the show are good, big enough to see clearly. The shows is in about 3 hours long. Eventhough it is 3 hours but it doesn't seems long because every part are interesting. There's basically no part that i don't like.

There are 4 different love stories, perform in different ways with different types of couples. They discussed how couples face in different situations. It is so true how they perform the thinking of both the women and the mens' thinking. they show how we react and do when the same type of problem approach. Also how they show couple sadness and happiness.  

The sound and affect for the show are good. The songs they picked are familar to all people.

Overall comment:Good show! i'm looking forward to their future performance.