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Grils...we use shampoo for hair, toothpaste for teeth, but what do you use to clean the most intimate and sensitive area of your body?

There is definitely no before and after photos for what I am going to share with you today....

Why? Because it is Lactacyd daily feminine wash that I want to share...

Thanks Lady Qooza for giving me a bottle of the daily wash and 3 packets of feminine wipes to try.

Before trying this product, I have never thought of using sth to wash my down there. I guess it is because unlike my face, I can't really see how it looks like except by using a mirror and consciously placing underneath, so it has never bothered me! Besides, I am a super clean person, so odor is never my concern.

After doing a bit of research online, I realise that our intimate parts are actually acidic (pH 3.8-4.2), not ph5.5. The acid, known as 'lactic acid', actually acts as a layer of natural protection by favouring the growth of good bacteria and fighting against external bacteria. Hence, lactic acid is important to us girls as it helps to prevent our intimate parts from external irritation and infection.

Unfortunately the usual shower gel does not give us this lactic acid, rather it destroys our natural acid, a potential cause of discomfort or abnormal discharge. It is said that the Lactacyd daily wash contains lactic acid which cleans our vaginas but at the same time maintaining the acidic protection we naturally have.

So I have been using the daily feminine wash for the past 5 days. I use it during shower. I pour a 10-dollar-coin size of the wash onto my wet palm and rub until it foams. This product does not create as much foam as your usual body wash. But don't worry, the amount is more than enough to wash your intimate part. I feel hydrated, fresh and clean. :) So far, I am liking it and hoping that I can get into a habit of using this product every night.

Though this is my first time to try this vagina wash, this is not my first time to try wipes specially made for girls. In fact, I use this kind of product during my monthly special days. I used to use Dettol's ones. I dont think they contain lactic acid. But Lactacyd wipes do. They use the same ingredients as the daily wash plus milk extract.

I have tried the wipes as well and think they are great. I really like that they have no smell and are extremely soft and gentle. It makes me feel clean and fresh. Now I keep one packet of wipes in my handbag. :)

Check out more here:- http://www.products.sanofi-aventis.hk/lactacyd/chi/index.html

Oh my! Bonne affaire!!